About Us

Premier Management Services, Inc.


Premier Management Services, Inc. provides the complete complement of services needed to effectively manage your condominium, co-op, or townhouse development.


Each homeowner association and cooperative is a unique entity with unique needs.  We will work with your Board of Directors to customize management  and operation programs that provide the services your association needs in an efficient, professional and cost effective manner. 


You will receive financial statements that are accurate and comprehensive which enlighten instead of confuse the Board and budgets that are accurate, understandable, realistic, comprehensive and meaningful.  Homeowner's  billing statements that make it crystal clear to residents what is owed and why; maintenance schedules that let you know exactly what is supposed to be done, and when it will be done.  Examples of key reports and systems are appended to help illustrate the Premier Management Services, Inc. approach.


The goal of the Premier Management Services, Inc. is to implement your Board’s wishes.  We do this by internalizing your objectives and priorities, and see them carrying them through with maximum efficiency and a minimum of wasted motion.  Further, management of your association will be performed by us, your property management team, not the individuals on the Board.


We are firm believers in maintaining high standards of expectations and see great rewards for all involved in “doing it the right way.”


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